SEO Fundamentals: How to get your website on Google

      1. The aim of SEO is to rank higher on Google, but you can’t rank if Google doesn’t know you exist.

        Google will automatically add your website to its search index, but this might take a few days or weeks. If you’re the website owner, you can manually submit your website to Google to accelerate this process. You can even request Google to crawl and index individual pages as well.

        There are two steps to submitting your website to Google:

        1: Find your website’s XML sitemap. An XML sitemap is a file that lists all the important pages on your website. It provides directions for Google to find and crawl all those pages. You can find yours by typing these URLs on your browser: ‘‘ or ‘

        If they’re not there, you probably don’t have one.

        2: Submit your sitemap to Google Search Console. Google Search Console is an SEO tool that helps measure your website’s search performance. You can submit your XML sitemap to Google Search Console using Google’s

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